Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort is situated near the beach at Cannon Rocks approximately 20km from Kenton on Sea in the Eastern Cape, 135km to the east of Port Elizabeth on the East Coast of South Africa and 180km west of East London. We form part of a quiet village at Cannon Rocks, where you will enjoy unspoilt beaches, safe bathing, superb fishing and excellent surfing, kite and windsurfing.

Did you know?! The name Cannon Rocks comes from two cannons retrieved from portuguese sailing ships that sank in front of the village many years ago. The beaches are riddled with amazing stories of wrecks.

The woody cape area falls under the Addo National Park and has one of the largest shifting sea sand dune field in the world. A spectacular sight and a great place for some Sandboarding.

Cannon Rocks is known for the Kiteboarding and fishing that takes place on the beaches.